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Before I ever picked up a camera, I was a devoted listener to music, mostly rock and roll from the late sixties and throughout the seventies. It was that passion for music that led me to the Mississippi Delta to explore the blues, which served as the precursor to my music. 


In many ways, this project combines two of my passions and represents the culmination of everything I have experienced as a visual storyteller. In the Mississippi Delta, I discovered the intersection of music and history; where the blues not only survives, but where the countless stories of the past echo through the rich farmland and the juke joints and clubs.


With this project, my aim is to not only convey the music, but also the lives lived, both present and past. The struggles and triumphs that drive the blues; joy, sadness, love and loss, poverty, pride, and despair. The blues is something that must be felt, and immersing myself in this part of the country helps me feel it: the primal music, the heartfelt lyrics, and the people who lived this life.


There are no large cities in this part of the Delta. The charm of the towns and the friendly people always enhance my experience there. At times, it is difficult to witness the abject poverty many people live under. Still, there has never been a time that I felt unwelcome. Most people I meet are kind and helpful when I ask them questions or need directions. I believe they understand what I am doing with my camera. All in all, it has been a great experience, one that will continue until I feel like I have fully told my story.

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